Josh Yong Josh Yong


Joshua's recent passion as a wedding photographer for 6+ years has led him in the direction of lifestyle photography. While his strength mainly lies in natural light photography, he possesses the skills, knowledge and experience to work with studio lighting as well. He holds a diploma in Digital Photography from Vancouver Institute of Media Arts. His vast experience with wedding photography and studio photography has given him a wide range of knowledge in photography—from posing subjects to managing lights in both indoor and outdoor environments, both natural and studio. His fascination for nature stands out as a strong and vibrant visual aesthetic in his photos.

His heart for photography is clearly displayed in his extensive works. He holds a strong social media presence on both Facebook and Instagram, with family, friends and fans alike that praise his work. He specializes on capturing the natural moments in life, evoking true emotion through life’s extraordinary beauty. His attention to detail weaves together the creation of stories that are simply breathtaking. His love for candid and raw moments stand out in his photos as he captures the heart of people through their expressions. Joshua’s gift in photography is constantly growing and evolving, as he seeks new opportunities and creative collaborations to capture the next big moment.

Some of Joshua's clients include Tryten Technologies Inc, Kevin Clark Studios, Virgin Mobile, Lojel, and Stanley PMI, to name a few. Joshua currently resides in Vancouver, BC.

Contact :
778.855.6787  |  Vancouver BC